Friends I Can’t Wait to Meet

by Carley Cooper

People I can’t wait to meet someday: 
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  1. Animal – (from the Muppets) ‘cause he’s just that cool!
  2. My Future Publisher – Hey, I gotta keep the faith going!
  3. My Next Doggie – Life is just not the same without daily canine kisses and a waggly tail greeting me at the door.  I’m already thinking about names.  Whatta ya think about ‘Joey’?  Cute, huh?!
  4. The Person Who Can Explain Men – On second thought, never mind.  That would require a saint.  I’m thinking that saints aren’t overly great in numbers these days.  It might be too hard to find one.  Then again, God is in the miracle business.  Maybe if I pray...
  5. The Wire-Hanger Ferry – I know you exist.  I keep taking all the wire hangers from my closets and dumping them; yet I open a closet door and voila!  There’s another one.  Dude, you’re fired.  Your services are no longer needed!
  6. The Guy Who Can End Telemarketing Calls – FYI for telemarketers; when I say “No” and you keep talking and you’re saying anything other than “Good bye”, you just shot any chance of making a sale!  
  7. Tigger – I want Tigger to come and live with me (As a single Christian woman, it would have to be strictly platonic though!)  I need the constant positive energy.  He’s just too  happy and too bouncy not to love!
  8. Idea Supplier – the Dude that has an endless supply of super-duper over-the-top awesome ideas for writing about... just for me and no one else!  Hey... God said to dream big and pray big!  So I am!  LOL
  9. My Future Husband – I know you’re worth the wait, but would you please hurry up and get here.  I really, really need you.
  10. Jesus - I know You’re worth the wait, but would You please hurry up and get here.  I really, really need You.

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